Dapo Peters ft Tosin Bee - Na God Dey Run Am

Renowned gospel artist Dapo Peters is thrilled to announce the release of his exuberant new single, “Na God Dey Run Am,” featuring the dynamic Tosin Bee. Available now on all major streaming platforms, this vibrant track is described by the artist as a “praise party,” designed to uplift and energize listeners.

Dapo Peters is a distinguished gospel musician known for his dynamic and inspiring music. With a passion for creating songs that glorify God and uplift the spirit, he has garnered a loyal following and widespread acclaim. His music blends traditional and contemporary gospel elements, creating a unique and engaging sound that resonates with listeners of all ages.

“Na God Dey Run Am” is a celebration of God’s sovereignty and His miraculous works in our lives. With its infectious rhythms, spirited vocals, and jubilant melodies, the song invites everyone to join in a joyous expression of gratitude and praise. Dapo Peters and Tosin Bee create a powerful musical synergy that captures the essence of worship and festive celebration.

“This song is all about giving God the glory for everything He does,” says Dapo Peters. “‘Na God Dey Run Am’ is a praise party that reminds us to always recognize and celebrate God’s hand in our lives. It’s a call to dance, sing, and rejoice in His goodness.”

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