Chris Morgan - He Loves Me

Celebrated gospel musician Chris Morgan is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “He Loves Me.” Now available on all major streaming platforms, this powerful track is a testament to God’s unwavering love and grace.

Chris Morgan is a renowned gospel artist known for his inspiring and soul-stirring music. With a passion for sharing the gospel through song, he has touched the hearts of many with his powerful messages of faith, hope, and love. Chris Morgan’s music blends contemporary gospel sounds with traditional elements, creating a unique and uplifting listening experience.

“He Loves Me” is a beautiful and moving song that highlights the profound and unconditional love that God has for His children. With soul-stirring lyrics and Chris Morgan’s emotive vocals, the song offers listeners a deep sense of comfort and assurance in God’s love, no matter the circumstances.

“This song is a reminder of the incredible love that God has for each and every one of us,” says Chris Morgan. “‘He Loves Me’ is my way of expressing gratitude for His endless love and encouraging others to embrace and rely on it. I hope this song brings peace and joy to everyone who hears it.”

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