Faith Captain - The Name Jesus

Esteemed gospel musician Faith Captain is excited to announce the release of his compelling new single, “The Name Jesus.” Now available on all major streaming platforms, this profound track is set to inspire and uplift listeners with its powerful message and soulful delivery.

Faith Captain is a dedicated gospel musician known for his inspiring and spiritually enriching music. With a passion for spreading the gospel and a heart for worship, he has touched the lives of many through his powerful songs and emotive performances. Faith Captain’s music is characterized by its deep spiritual messages, blending contemporary and traditional gospel sounds to create a unique and impactful listening experience.

“The Name Jesus” is a song that emphasizes the power and significance of invoking the name of Jesus in every aspect of life. With heartfelt lyrics and a stirring melody, Faith Captain’s latest release serves as a reminder of the strength, hope, and salvation found in Jesus. The song’s impactful message and captivating sound make it a standout addition to the gospel music landscape.

“This song is a declaration of the incredible power and authority in the name of Jesus,” says Faith Captain. “‘The Name Jesus’ is meant to encourage believers to call on His name in times of need, joy, and everything in between. It’s a song of faith and trust in His mighty power.”

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