Are You Serious About Your Business Online Presence? - These Tools Will Help You!

Are you serious about your business online presence? Ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners with strict budgets will appreciate these free marketing tools for entrepreneurs. With these free tools, it’s possible to get a new business off the ground will little to no capital. That’s something that every smart entrepreneur can love.

1. Canva for Logo Design
Canva offers a super simplified way to create logos, as well as a big selection of other graphics like memes, Facebook posts and more. Everything you need to create a logo is all right there on the drag and drop toolbox, including free and inexpensive images.
2. Hootsuite for Social Media Marketing
Hootsuite allows you to sync up to three social media accounts. Using their centralized dashboard, you can manage, create and respond to all three accounts.

3. Mailchimp for Email Campaigns
More people buy through email marketing than any other form of marketing. With Mailchimp, budding entrepreneurs can start with the free level to email up to 12,000 emails each month. Once the business grows, additional tiers are available at affordable pricing.
4. Evernote for Managing Daily Tasks
Entrepreneurs know that the list of daily tasks involved in building a startup can be confusing. Evernote’s free service makes it easy to take notes, save them across platforms and organize ideas and thoughts into one easy to use system.

5. Seobility for SEO
Entrepreneurs understand that if you build a website they don’t necessarily come. A successful business website is built on a solid foundation of SEO. For a bucket of free SEO tolls to help maximize visibility on the web, look no further than Seobility.

6. Google Analytics for Website Analysis
One of the easiest and most accurate ways to measure how your website is performing is to sign up for Google Analytics. This free tool offers surface level information that is easily digestible for new entrepreneurs, but the layers go deep enough that seasoned data readers will be satisfied.
7. WordPress for Website Building
For the small price of hosting, an entrepreneur can then install to build a functioning website in a matter of hours. With the help of third party developers, WordPress enables an endless choice of customizable themes, functionality and personalization. There’s almost nothing an entrepreneur can’t do with a WordPress enabled site.

8. Google Trends for Keyword Research
Of course, entrepreneurs know that the trick to targeting the correct market is to use keywords that potential customers are searching for. That’s where Google Trends comes in handy. This free tool allows marketers to search trends, enter keywords and learn about that keyword’s popularity, and to get suggestions on related keywords that potential customers are searching for.

9. Website Grader for Overall Marketing Performance
Hubspot’s free online tool, Website Grader, allows anyone to enter a website and an email address to get a score on the strength of that website as far as marketing goes. The best part of the tool, though, is that it gives you specific suggestions for improving your overall score, plus ideas about which tools to use for making the improvements. This is probably the most valuable website performance indicator available today.

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