4 Best Small Businesses for Nigerian Moms/Full House Wives 2016

Whenever people talk about Nigerian women in the past having no problem being a full housewife, I laugh at them because they do not know what they are saying. Every Nigerian woman is an Entrepreneur by nature, from the days of Adam, Nigerian mom has been an entrepreneur from the corner of their husband compound. 

Are you a working mom who want to settle with your home business to manage your family and personal life? Are you a full housewife who is trying to utilize her free time to make money from home? If you are a mom who wants to start a business - whether for reasons of flexibility, fulfillment or financial necessity - play to your strengths and passions. Check out the best home based small businesses ideas and kick start your business from home as you soon as you find the one that interest you from the listed below:

1. Start a Daycare Business from Home

You might be staying in a society where many couples are working full time and struggling to manage their kids at home. Seize the opportunity, talk to them about bringing their kids over, charge them a little fee, that's a way to start! If you are good in what you do, you are on your way to having your own Daycare center.

2. Start Selling Home Made Food - Baked Items

The best quality of many women is their cooking skill and I am sure you can make yourself a reasonable amount of money using this skill of yours. If you know you are good in preparing local foods, you can easily start a meal service. As demands increase, you can employ others to help you distribute the food. You do not really need to open a shop, Just a few customers that will place their demand before time is OK as a full housewife.

3. Start a Party Planing/Events Planning Business

Despite the recession in the country, you still see the white Agbadas and Caps in action on Saturdays as the Owambes unfolds. I have seen women who are very passionate to organize various home functions or events. If you are like that, it's time to turn your passion into cash. You do not really need to run around for someone else's party, connections and a few phone calls, that's all you need. 

4. Go the Traditional Way - Buy & Sell

Have you seen a full housewife without a shop? Yes! that lazy one! Buying and selling have been a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Nigerian women are gifted in buying and selling things, you are not excluded, that skill is embedded in you. Explore and make yourself some cash.

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