Five (5) Things You Must Know Before Starting a Small Business

When starting a business, there is this excitement you get, that feeling that you can't explain. The excitement, fear, expectations etc. leads to all these feelings generating within you. In the midst of this, You cannot wait to start! To start immediately is very important, but we need you to understand this few important things before you kick start that business of yours. Below are five basic points to think about:

As a child of God, for every vision, dream, idea or whatever you decides to call it you catch, you need to tell God about it, ask for his directions, and above all,  commit everything to his hands.

Have Professional Understanding of Your Business Idea
Yes, I know what the title says (Small Business) and I know you are a JJC in doing this business, despite all that, You should have a professional understanding of your business idea. Read and ask others who succeeded through what you intend to do, also, ask questions, in fact, a lot of questions from those who failed! But, do not let anybody talk you down, just learn from their  mistakes to find out more and also much more about it, until you, in fact, come to be an expert. This is extremely crucial since a lot more you understand about your small business idea, a lot more you will have the ability to offer it to others, as well as the even more effective you will be.

Choose what you enjoy Doing with Ease
Number Important Rule: Have Passion for What You Choose to Do. The business you intend doing ought to come from some activity in your life that you actually enjoy doing, perhaps from your favourite leisure activity or recreation. If you enjoy fishing as well as live near a location where there are whole lots of wonderful places to fish like badagry or Makoko area in Lagos-Nigeria, you could possibly start a tiny Fish-Selling company online, promoting your angling overview service, or market brand-new and used angling equipment, or you can also do both.

I am not saying everybody should wake up tomorrow and choose to be a fisherman/fisherwoman, You know what you are good at, that very thing you can do with a lot of ease, that is that thing we are talking about here! You are a potential CEO in case you don't know

Be Ready to spend Your Time, Dedication, Money and Hard-work 
Your Time, Dedication, Money and Hard-work is as important as nothing else except God. Your Business choice needs to be something that you are willing to function really hard for. Like many things in life, beginning a small company needs time, decision, dedication and also hard work. If you hesitate for this, you could also forget to have a small company. You would certainly be far better off to go search for a “Monday to Friday Job”.

Decide Just how You Will Finance Your Business

One of one of the most crucial concerns when starting a small business is ways to finance it all. My viewpoint is this: Do not start your business with a loan! There is a false assumption drifting around that you need to take out a bank lending to finance a new company. That’s a huge as well as well developed lie! Understand what you need to start small, decide just how you will get the most needed equipment and start small.

Start Small

Especially if you are a newbie, begin your quest for beginning a small job very small. Every success story starts small after that the rest is just stories and stories that people will applaud you for (Did I hear you say Amen?).

Pray Again

Oh no! Not Again! my brother/sister, Oh Yes! Yes Again! Pray about it again after you must have done all the listed points (above). Commit it all into God's hand, you are good to go then CEO.

I wanted to write about 5 points, I end up writing six if the repeated prayer is considered as one. Hmmm

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