Fashion: What To Wear To Church Tomorrow Featuring @FrankRichBoy | @mikeabdulng | @freezle_96

It's another Saturday, as usual, Believers Companion brings to you a clue on what to wear to church tomorrow. After we premier what to wear church last week with an All-Female Wears, some guys started behaving like a girl...

Errrm... I am not saying girls jealous a lot oh, I am just saying that they always want their own...Have I said anything wrong?

Check out lovely pictures on what to wear to church tomorrow. For the Ladies, you can click HERE to see lovely styles you can choose from. 

1. Mike Abdul always kills it with his Agbada any day, anytime. You can choose to imitate the man as you step into the house of the Lord to worship.

Mike Abdul on White Agbada
2. What do you think of this Mike Abdul Black Agbada? It reminds you of that your Agbada right? Oh, it's the design that reminds you of that lovely cloth of yours down down your traveling bag, Ngwanu, look for it now jo...

Mike Abdul on Black Agbada

3. Moving away from "Baba Alagbada" Let's take a look at the Jacket lovers (like me). Frank Edwards gives you an option right? Wait for the next one...

Frank Edwards
4.  For the Gentle men only. You might choose to look so innocent like my brother Obiwon Obiora. 

5. Looking simple takes a new twist in this Freezle's outfit. The Question I can't answer now is, Who looks more like a perfect gentle man between Obiwon (above) and Freezle? Please don't even bring Frank Edwards into this discussion.

6. And finally, Yinka Ayefele nailed it!

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