Fashion: What To Wear to Church On Sunday

Friday is here again, Many will not go to church because they do not know what to wear to church. Don't get me wrong, I am not talking of those who do not have what to wear but those who are spoilt with options of what to wear.

Save yourself from the headache, check out this five awesome gown you can wear to church on Sunday. I hope it solves that problem. If not, please come back to check again before Sunday.

Do you love fancy gowns? Number 1 is just perfect. Hey! did you notice the shoes? Do not step out wearing a wrong shoe to this lovely dress OK. 

A jacket to go with is not a bad idea...Am loving her little green bag. That your black bag is OK too. I can hear you say "It is bigger than this one", yea, I know, there is no rule saying: "Thou shall come with a small bag!"

A simple gown describes a simple girl right? I heard somebody saying "That's not true Pelumi". Well, I know a few people who believe that so it is safe to say it is true. Show up in church tomorrow looking this simple, you might end up as the example of simplicity during Sunday School.


This picture speaks for itself. Smart gown on a smart lady. Who dosen't like showing up looking smart? Can I see your hands up please?

Talking about simple gowns, this one stands out. 

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