Promote Your Song For Free

Good to have you here Champion! We are delighted to help you reach out to our over one million (and still counting) readers.
To promote your song through our platform, this is what you need to do:

1. Listen to your song again to be sure IT IS A GOSPEL SONG
2. Send THE SONG, which we believe is a gospel song, AN ART-COVER, with your STAGE NAME and TITLE OF THE SONG (very important). Your Twitter handle, Facebook and Instagram name are optional but important too.
3. Send the song (Audio), the Art-cover and a write up about yourself 


4. PLEASE make sure you send the message to this three email, YES, I know it's kinda, bare with us ok, as it is for a reason (best known to us...smiles).

5. To put the song for DOWNLOAD on this platform is FREE. You are not expected to pay any money for that, But Should in case you need other publicity (we call it the special promotion) 


+2347032759228 (Whatsapp)
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