Favour – Iyo (NO)

Favour, the celebrated Nigerian gospel musician, ignites hearts and souls with the release of her latest single, "Iyo." With its soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics, "Iyo" promises to captivate audiences worldwide, offering a message of joy, hope, and gratitude.

In "Iyo," Favour delivers a heartfelt expression of praise and thanksgiving, celebrating the goodness and faithfulness of God in her life. The song's uplifting rhythm and infectious energy invite listeners to join in the chorus of adoration, reflecting on the countless blessings and miracles bestowed upon them each day.

As a dynamic gospel musician, Favour has garnered acclaim for her ability to touch hearts and inspire faith through her music. With "Iyo," she continues to uphold her reputation as a beacon of light in the Nigerian gospel music scene, uplifting souls and spreading the message of God's love and grace.

"Iyo" serves as a reminder of the power of praise and the transformative impact of gratitude. Through this soulful anthem, Favour invites listeners to embrace a spirit of joy and thankfulness, regardless of life's challenges or circumstances.

Experience the uplifting power of "Iyo" and let Favour's soul-stirring melodies inspire you to praise and worship with renewed passion and fervour.

Favour – Iyo (NO) Lyrics

We serve a faithful God whose word is yes and amen!
He just cannot lie.
Join me let's praise Him.

You no bi man oh
You no dey lie
You no bi man oh
You no dey change.
Iyo oh hey 4x

You are the Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the Ending
The most high God
Nothing is hard for you
No impossibility with you
Asoro matase (the God who does what He says)
Ating Anam Abasi (the God who speaks and it is done)
What you say, that you will do
You are the same yesterday
Today and forever you no dey change
Your word is yes and amen
You are Jehovah the most high God.

So we worship and praise your name
So we worship and praise your name

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