Abilight - The Word Works

Nigerian gospel artist Abiodun 'Abilight' Abosede-Victor heralds a powerful message of faith and authority with the release of her latest single, "The Word Works." Inspired by the timeless truth that words hold the power of creation and transformation, Abilight's soul-stirring anthem serves as a call to action for believers to exercise their divine authority and speak life into every situation.

Drawing upon the biblical principle that "everything God called into existence was accomplished through the spoken words," Abilight emphasizes the inherent power of words to shape reality and manifest God's will on earth. "The Word Works" is more than just a song—it's an invitation to experience the supernatural power of God's Word and align oneself with His divine purpose.

As believers reign with words, exercising authority and dominion over challenges and adversities, "The Word Works" serves as a prophetic declaration of victory and breakthrough. With its prophetic declarations, unusual praises, and thanksgiving to God, the song sets the tone for believers to tap into their identity as kings and priests, shifting atmospheres and ushering in God's presence wherever they go.

Abilight shares, "I decree to every listener that unprecedented testimonies shall be yours this season. The power of your words can change your world and the world! You are a King & Priest if only you know who lives inside of you. As He is, so are we in this world!"

Experience the transformative power of "The Word Works" and embrace your identity as an atmosphere shifter through the spoken Word of God.

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