Top 10 Nigerian Gospel Music, April 2020

The Nigerian Gospel Music industry or Ministry as they choose to call it continues to grow yearly. Worship songs that were raised in local churches have found it's way to a larger community of believers around the world.

Sinach's song, Way Maker, for example, has been performed in over 20 countries worldwide, while Mercy ChinwoNathaniel BasseyTim GodfreyFrank EdwardsEben and a host of others teamed up with top gospel musician worldwide to sing about the greatness of God in worship and praises. Some of these artistes introduced Nigerian native worship songs to their foreign counterparts who sings in the language like they were born with the language already embedded in their own tongues (Amazing).

As the established musicians continue to preach Christ to the world through different styles and methods, the up and coming musicians are not left behind. Some of them have in turn sings great songs that will surely bless listeners. At BelieversCompanion, we appreciate every effort as we strongly believe that gospel music comes with its own unique message. Our Top Ten countdown for each month are rated based on the number of downloads recorded on our platform and nothing more. 

BelieversCompanion Top Ten Nigerian Gospel Music for April 2020 sees new artistes such as Debbie Eyo, Simi Essay, Kome Udu and Tope Jay songs rank among the best in Nigeria for the first time. The Top Ten songs for this month touch lifes, gives hope while leading many to worship God. Below are the Top Ten Songs for the month of April, 2020.

10. Kris Grant - Nkemakolam
Delivering a soul-stirring and heart-warming sound, Kris Grant brings to us a profound message of God’s unfailing love and promises with the song, Nkemakolam.

The song, Nkemakolam is a beautiful song that inspires Faith and Hope, encouraging us to trust God completely. The song reaffirms us of God’s ability to provide, protect and always be there for us. 

9. Femi Lowo - No Greater Love
Femi Lowo is a lawyer by profession and is passionate about good governance. He is a committed Christian who currently serves as a worship leader at the Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos State, Nigeria.

He has an album titled “No Rock” released in 2010. His latest effort, No Greater Love will definitely bless you. Ranked number 9 on our Top Ten countdown for the month of April.

8. Tope Jay ft KeneBukky - Emi Mimo
Nigerian gospel musician, Tope Jay is an inspiring and creative writer who loves to give expressions to his writing through music. His new song, Emi Mimo (Holy Spirit) features KeneBukky

7. Kome Udu - Breaking Limits
Breaking limits by Kome Udu is a song of prophecies declaration. Ranked number 7 in our chart for April 2020.

6. Jo Deep - Hold Me (Won't Fail)
Jo Deep is the artistic stage name for Jonathan ‘Deep’ Ojapa. A regular guy devoted to using every form of art he lays his hands on as a channel for sharing the truths he has learnt. He is a Teaching Pastor at The Lifeway Chapel [V.E.C.C], Lagos, Nigeria. His song, Hold Me (Won't Fail) is ranked number 6 in the chart.

5. Victoria Orenze - Jesus All I Have Is You
Leading a congregation in a worship session, Nigerian gospel musician and annointed worshipper, Victoria Orenze recorded the song Jesus All I Have Is You. The song is ranked number 5 in the chart for April 2020.

4. Debbie Eyo - Yahweh
With over 3,000 downloads recorded in its first week of release, Nigerian gospel musician and debutant, Debbie Enyo claimed the number 4 position in our April 2020 music chart.

3. Divine Neekwanu - It Is You
Divine Neekwanu new song titled It Is You is a song that is focused on delivering uplifting music and bathing listeners in the presence of God. With over 6,000 downloads recorded in two weeks, the song ranked number 3 in our chart of the month.

2. Simi Essay Ft. Fizzy - Onibu Ore
Simileoluwa Adegbesan popularly known as Simi Essay is a Nigeria recording and performing artiste, song-writer, music coach and director, a worshipper and praise driver with an energetic master of the art with his fuji fusion.

Onibu Ore, is a reminder of how God is our Benefactor and Present Help in times of tribulations and need. Ranked number 2 with over 7,000 downloads.

1. Neken Chuwang - Na Ji Kiranka
Neken Chuwang takes us on a journey through some of our favorite hymns in the project he titles Ancient Words Hymns CoversHe spices up the hymns with unique tunes and rhythms while maintaining the seasoned lyrical content that they posses.

Na ji kiranka  (Littafin wakoki 197),   (SS&S 475) is the first piece from the project.  Ranked number 1 with over 12,500 downloads.

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