Keys To Building Understanding And Leading Effectively

A leader's Job is to step into every team members shoe and find ways to understand what they go through in their day to day activities. 

I've realized that everyone else's job always looks easier and less stressful, until you walk a mile in their shoes. As a leader, you need to understand your team members for you to lead effectively. You cannot assume things or think every team members job is easy or less important. 
Here are some keys to building that understanding and leading more effectively.

Develop A Servants Heart
As a leader, this is incredibly important to understand. Leaders are in service to those around them. Although the team normally takes this for granted, you need to learn how to serve without losing your status as a leader. This is a balancing act. I will be sharing how to balance the act of serving while leading in the new few days.
Over-Prepare In Private
A leader that has little grasp of facts surrounding a decision will frustrate his/her team. A good leader takes the counsel of his team but has invested the time and energy to educate himself or herself on the situation as well. 

In simple words: to understand your team and lead effectively, stay ahead of the team in preparation. Confident leaders serve their team best by being well-informed, current and aggressively prepared.

Listen More Than Talking
A great leader doesn't worry about who does the most talking. He/She worry about the direction of the conversation. They worry about the direction of the conversation. 

Besides, if the conversation is headed in a direction that leads to your desired outcome, does it really matter who does the talking?

A good leader listens and tries as much as he/she can to make decisions based on the team idea. In the end, the team feels included in the final decision, even if it was different from the original intention.
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