The Most Important Word In Human Relationship

In your relationship with others, there are some words that are very important. Let us take a quick look at these words

The Six Most Important Word - "I admit I made a mistake"
You cannot be right all the time, there are sometimes when you will be wrong. Admit it, apologize and move on.

The Five Most Important Word - "You did a good job"
When others do something good, commend them! They will be eager to do more.

The Four Most Important Word - "What Is Your Opinion"
I know you are smart, yet, you need others opinion. Seek opinion especially if you find yourself in a leadership position.

The Three Most Important Word - "I Am Sorry"
Apologize when you are wrong, do not let your ego make it hard for you to apologize when you are wrong.

The Two Most Important Word - "Thank You"
Be thankful always.

The Most Important Word - "We"
To achieve greater things in life, you need a team. There is nothing like a team without the "WE".

The Least Important Word - "I"
Yet, we put an importance in the word in our relationship with others.