READ! Pain - A Short Story About A Young Girl

Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized that her water has broken. "The baby is on the way!" she said to no one in particular. She is the only one at home. She manage to get to her phone, the phone rang for her a while yet there was no response from the recipient. She looked at the wall clock which hung on the left wall of the parlor, 1:15 am the time says.

She knows Kelechi is out with his friends hurting his liver, a usual act. This is not the first time he will abandon her at home, but this time, she is all alone in the house about to deliver her first child. Kelechi has caused her more pain since she got pregnant and moved into his house. He suddenly changed from the caring man who recharges her phone even when she did not ask, buy her the latest phone before she could demand it into a man who will leave her in the house to hang out with his friends staying till the dead end of the night.

Whenever she tries to confront him about his way of life, she ends up getting beaten up like a thief, she has endured this over the past 4 months, that is a number of months she has spent in his house since her father chased her out of the house when he became aware of her pregnancy. "You cannot have a bastard child in my house!" Mr. Babatunde, her father has said to her, she managed to pack few of her clothes before her father could return one evening, with the help of Kelechi's elder sister who Kelechi fears a lot, Bisi was able to get into Kelechi's house. She has been living in hell ever since. First, she thought Kelechi's sister likes her and will stand by her until she said to her one evening: "When you deliver your child, we will do a test to know if the child is really our blood". She knows it is a time bomb because she cannot really say for sure if Kelechi is responsible for the pregnancy.

Do not blame her for that, while she was on campus everybody was her fool, she was a diva, baby toh fly, Mz endowed she was called by her friends and course mates because of her body structure. "Omo toh pepper" her friends will tease her, she blushes and enjoys the teasing. Few months into her first year in school, she met Kelechi, one of the lecturer's dogs, he is not a lecturer nor a student but you will always find him inside the school. Many say he is an ex-student, a statement no one knows an answer to up to date, he has promised to help Bisi graduate with flying colors and also protect her from any lecturer who tries to take advantage of her. With his Toyota Camry, he will drop her in the department every morning and picks her after class.

A back pain quickly returns Bisi to her state having been lost in deep thoughts, a tear drops from her eyes, she groan. Her noise was loud enough to attract neighbors, Aunty Folake who is the nearest neighbor heard her noise, it was a silent night, there was no light and Papa Amina who own a small generator that he normally calls "I Pass my neighbor" has just put off his generator for the night. He really passes his neighbor as he is the only one who owns a generator in the compound. A 16 rooms building, with each occupant, occupying a room to him/herself.

"Hello! Na me Aunty Folake, your wife want born oh!" she said as soon as Kelechi picked the call. She had called him with her phone, he would have ignored if it has been his wife calling, a habit he is used to already.

"I am going to be a father guys!" Kelechi announced to his friends who scream for joy "Kelebobo!" one of his friends hail him, "we must take a shot to that oh!" another friend said. "Na true oh! Kelebobo don turn man today" another said. They order another bottle of beer, Kelechi rushes his bottle of beer, he finished before anyone else, staggering, he stood from the chair, "make I go see my pikin for hospital" he said, "Madam, take this money, make my friends drink till morning, if e no reach, tomorrow I go balance you". His friends hailed him in all kind of names, he waved at them like a politician who is at a rally, he staggered towards the door, gets into his Toyota Camry and zooms off.

Driving like he is in a race, he tries to enter a bend in a hurry, he lost control, he drove into a wall, before anyone could save him, he has already met his untimely end. He died as a result of excess bleeding.

The next morning, Bisi found out she has delivered a baby boy. Due to the amount of violence she was to deal with while pregnant, she had some gynecological problems. She lost excess blood and later passed out just as she had her son, the doctor says "She was lucky to have been alive." The joy of the birth of her son was cut short when she found out she is now a widow. Kelechi sister didn't make things easy for her, she claimed Bisi killed her brother, she has threatened to take Bisi to their village to go mourn her husband in the traditional way and to take an oath to prove she didn't kill him.

Hmmmm, Let me drop my pen here.

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