Faulty Navigation System In A Christian Life

Sometime in January 2016, 10 American sailors who were in 2 boats, inadvertently sailed into Iranian territory and were held hostage by the Iranians for about 2days before they were eventually let off the hook.

Their release was achieved when an understanding was reached through diplomacy on the side of both America and Iran.

The American sailors were said to have drifted into Iranian waters because their boat had problems with their mechanical and navigational systems.

The conclusions was that their Navigational System which should have pointed them to where they should have sailed through safely, broke down and they drifted into a territory that could have cost them their lives.

How can we relate this to a Christian life? Sound Doctrine, Wholesome Teaching, A Good Knowledge of the Scriptures are prerequisites for keeping a child of God safe through turbulence of life's ocean. These can be describe as a Christian Navigation System...

It was a Faulty Navigation System that led these sailors astray. In this age when we have many doctrines that are not in line with the Word of God (The Bible), it is very easy to develop a Faulty Navigation System.

Please, attend a Bible believing Church that teaches the full gospel of Christ. The Bible remains the only true navigational system, whatever is not written therein is wrong no matter who teaches it!
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