Smokers Are Liable to Die Young! This is What it Really Means

Despite the Federal Government of Nigeria's effort to put an end to smoking in Nigeria (through a continuous message at the end of different cigarette adverts), smokers in the country has continued to increase in the society (both rural and urban).
"The Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die Young" has no effect as smokers heard it but yet turn a deaf ear to this very important message. Some claimed smokers don't die young while others think the message was cooked up to scare them away.

The "...Smokers are liable to die Young" message has just been confirmed with the latest findings by Scientist.

A top Newspaper (website), The Independent, has come out to with the full extent of the genetic damage that smoking does to the genes for the first time.
According to the researchers, Smoking just one pack a day can lead to 150 extra mutations in the lung cells a year. And it does even more damage to other parts of the body, causing huge numbers of mutations throughout other organs.

The study is the first to quantify the degree of damage that smoking does to DNA. As such, it could help understand more about the kinds of problems that the habits causes, with each of those mutations potentially leading to cancer.

As well as those 150 mutations found in the lungs, scientists found that a pack-a-day habit for a year produced an average 97 mutations in each cell in the larynx (voice box), 39 mutations in the pharynx (top part of the throat), 23 in the mouth, 18 in the bladder and six in the liver.

Smoking, which claims the lives of at least six million people worldwide each year, has been linked to at least 17 different types of human cancer.

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