Sondae ft Limoblaze - Brighter Day

Rising gospel artist Sondae is excited to announce the release of his highly anticipated single, "Brighter Day," featuring renowned Afrobeat and gospel artist Limoblaze. This vibrant and inspiring track promises to bring joy and hope to listeners worldwide, blending gospel lyrics with infectious Afrobeat rhythms.

"Brighter Day" is a celebration of God's promises and the assurance of a brighter future, even in the midst of life's challenges. With its catchy beats, uplifting lyrics, and dynamic collaboration, the song is set to become an anthem of hope and positivity.

Sondae's unique voice and heartfelt delivery, combined with Limoblaze's signature Afrobeat flair, create a powerful and memorable musical experience. Limoblaze, known for his innovative fusion of gospel and Afrobeat, brings an extra layer of energy and excitement to the track, making "Brighter Day" a must-listen.

“I am thrilled to share 'Brighter Day' with the world,” says Sondae. “This song is a testament to the unwavering hope we have in God, no matter what we face. Collaborating with Limoblaze has been an incredible experience, and I believe this song will touch many hearts and lift many spirits.”

"Brighter Day" is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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