Patrick Mayberry - Real Help

Patrick Mayberry, the talented singer, songwriter, and worship leader signed with Centricity Music, has released his impactful new single, "Real Help."

"Real Help" addresses the universal experience of reaching rock bottom and the human need to seek genuine assistance. In moments of profound struggle, the most courageous act can be to look up and admit that we cannot overcome alone, acknowledging our need for "real help."

Reflecting on the song's inspiration, Patrick Mayberry shares, "We all have or will have moments in our life where we hit rock bottom with no way out. The most human thing we can do in those moments is to look up and admit we cannot fix it by ourselves, and say, 'I seriously need some real help.' 'Real Help' is out today and I hope this song helps you the way it has helped me."

"Real Help" is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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