Mercy Gyenom Buru - I'm Thankful

Renowned gospel musician Mercy Gyenom Buru is excited to announce the release of her latest single, “I’m Thankful.” This heartfelt and uplifting track is available on all major streaming platforms starting today, inviting listeners to join in a celebration of gratitude and faith.

Mercy Gyenom Buru is a gifted gospel musician celebrated for her powerful and spiritually enriching music. With a heart for ministry and a voice that touches the soul, she has made a significant impact in the gospel music scene. Mercy’s music is known for its profound messages of faith, hope, and love, delivered with sincerity and passion.

“I’m Thankful” is a powerful anthem of appreciation and praise, reflecting on the countless blessings and grace bestowed by God. With soulful vocals and inspiring lyrics, Mercy Gyenom Buru delivers a song that resonates deeply with believers, encouraging them to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness in all circumstances.

“This song is a testament to the power of gratitude,” says Mercy Gyenom Buru. “‘I’m Thankful’ is my personal expression of thanks to God for His unwavering love and support. I hope it inspires others to reflect on their own blessings and to give thanks for the goodness in their lives.”

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