Mark Reed ft Eric Maddux - Jesus, Be My Vision

Gospel Musician Mark Reed releases Inspirational New Single "Jesus, Be My Vision" Featuring Eric Maddux

Mark Reed, a talented gospel musician renowned for his uplifting and soul-stirring music, is excited to announce the release of his latest single, "Jesus, Be My Vision," featuring the gifted vocalist Eric Maddux. This inspiring track is now available for download and streaming on all major platforms.

"Jesus, Be My Vision" is a heartfelt plea for divine guidance and clarity, blending Mark Reed's powerful songwriting with Eric Maddux's soulful vocals. The song's profound lyrics and captivating melodies create an atmosphere of worship and reflection, encouraging listeners to seek Jesus as their guiding light in all aspects of life.

Mark Reed's music has always been known for its depth and spiritual resonance, and "Jesus, Be My Vision" is no exception. The collaboration with Eric Maddux brings an added layer of emotion and intensity to the track, making it a standout addition to Reed's impressive discography.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the song, Mark Reed shared, "In times of uncertainty and doubt, it's crucial to focus on Jesus as our vision and guide. This song is a prayer for His wisdom and direction in our lives, and I hope it brings comfort and inspiration to everyone who listens."

"Jesus, Be My Vision" is poised to become a favorite among gospel music fans, offering a powerful message of faith and reliance on Christ's guidance. Its stirring composition and heartfelt delivery make it a must-listen for anyone seeking spiritual encouragement.

The single is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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