Jermaine Bollinger - The Lord, Our God

Jermaine Bollinger is thrilled to announce the release of his powerful new single, "The Lord, Our God," now available to Christian radio stations globally. This captivating track, part of his latest album "Cre8ion," is set to touch hearts and inspire listeners with its profound message of faith and resilience.

A multi-instrumentalist and seasoned veteran in the Christian music industry, Jermaine Bollinger has crafted a song that delves into spiritual devotion and the unwavering faithfulness of God. Known for seamlessly integrating various musical eras and genres, Bollinger’s "The Lord, Our God" showcases his unique talent and dedication to creating impactful worship music.

With a career highlighted by over 15 #1 singles, including hits like “Hallelujah” and “I Belong To You,” Jermaine Bollinger has consistently connected with audiences through his heartfelt lyrics and dynamic compositions. His latest single, “The Lord, Our God,” is a testament to his enduring artistry and commitment to spreading the message of God’s love and power.

Bollinger’s extensive background in music is complemented by his training in recording engineering under Todd Herreman, who has worked with legends such as Prince, Brian Wilson, and Michael Jackson. This experience, along with masterclasses from accomplished vocal coaches and musicians, has equipped Jermaine with a profound understanding of both the technical and emotional aspects of music production.

“The Lord, Our God” was written and produced by Jermaine Bollinger at his own Salvation Studios, reflecting his deep personal connection to the song’s message. The lyrics speak of seeking God’s guidance and acknowledging His unchanging faithfulness, resonating deeply with listeners and offering a beacon of hope and strength.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jermaine Bollinger enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, and engaging in creative pursuits like graphic design and recording engineering. His passion for integrating diverse musical influences into his work is evident in the rich, multifaceted sound of “The Lord, Our God.”

Jermaine Bollinger is excited to share this uplifting and spiritually enriching song with the world. We believe that “The Lord, Our God” will inspire and encourage believers everywhere, reinforcing Jermaine Bollinger’s place as a leading voice in Christian music.

The track is also available on all major digital streaming platforms.

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