Godson Ogbonna - E Dey Show

Gospel musician Godson Ogbonna is thrilled to announce the release of his inspiring new single, “E Dey Show (As We Dey Pray, E Dey Show).” Now available on all major streaming platforms, this powerful track celebrates the joy and faithfulness of answered prayers.

Godson Ogbonna is a passionate gospel musician known for his soulful voice and inspiring music. With a heart for ministry and a dedication to spreading the gospel through song, he has touched many lives with his powerful messages of faith, hope, and love. Godson’s music blends traditional gospel with contemporary sounds, creating a unique and impactful listening experience.

“E Dey Show (As We Dey Pray, E Dey Show)” is a song that resonates with the heart of every believer, emphasizing the reality of God’s response to our prayers. With a blend of infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, Godson Ogbonna captures the essence of hope and trust in God’s promises. The song’s message is clear: as we pray, God’s answers are evident in our lives.

“This song is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and His timely answers to our prayers,” says Godson Ogbonna. “‘E Dey Show’ is a reminder that God hears us and responds. It’s a song of encouragement and faith, meant to uplift and strengthen believers in their prayer journey.”

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