Quineta Michael - Taste and See

Quineta Michael, the inspiring anointed female gospel music singer, vocal powerhouse, songwriter, and recording artiste, makes a resounding impact on the gospel music scene with her latest single, "Taste And See." This heartfelt anthem, with its grateful-themed sound, celebrates the goodness of God and serves as a testament to His faithfulness.

Following the success of her recent singles, "Throne of God," and "Awesome Holy Spirit," "Taste And See" further solidifies Quineta Michael's reputation as a gifted artist with a profound message to share. Centered around a deep sense of gratitude and exaltation, the song uplifts listeners and reminds them of the abundant blessings found in God's presence.

Offering her insights on the song, Quineta Michael shares, " 'Taste And See' is a song of praise that highlights the truth that, as sons and daughters of God, our lives are anchored in Zion, where we experience the tangible manifestation of God's goodness amidst human contradictions." She emphasizes the unwavering faith that sustains believers through life's challenges, knowing that God, as a loving Father, is always faithful and good.

With its uplifting message and soul-stirring melody, "Taste And See" is a powerful declaration of faith and gratitude. Available in all digital stores worldwide, the song is poised to inspire and uplift listeners around the globe.

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