Plastic Njinjoh - Oh Come To Jesus

Plastic Njinjoh, the Cameroonian-born artist known for his uplifting music, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, 'Oh Come to Jesus'. Following the success of his New Year's release, 'Honour the Lord', Plastic Njinjoh continues to captivate audiences with his powerful messages and soulful melodies.

'Oh Come to Jesus' serves as a poignant reminder of the boundless love and mercy offered by the divine. Plastic Njinjoh's lyrics invite listeners to embrace their brokenness and find solace in the comforting arms of Jesus. With his distinctive blend of spirituality and artistry, Plastic Njinjoh seeks to uplift souls and spread messages of hope and redemption.

In a gesture of gratitude to his dedicated followers, Plastic Njinjoh recently hosted a song challenge, offering gifts worth millions to participants. His generosity reflects his commitment to fostering a community of love and support around his music.

Since his debut album 'God is Good' in 2019, Plastic Njinjoh has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. Notably, he was nominated for several awards and received the prestigious Lois International Fashion Award for his contributions to the arts.

The accompanying music video for 'Oh Come to Jesus' was expertly shot by Enman for Carel Films, capturing the essence of the song's message against the vibrant backdrop of Lagos, Nigeria. The audio production, helmed by BME Studios, ensures a seamless auditory experience for listeners. Additionally, the song features backup vocals by Belinda Bsenjo and Adele Clarice, with mixing and mastering by MD Lyonga at EQLab Recording Studio.

'Oh Come to Jesus' is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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