Olori Oba – Muni Muni

Celebrated gospel artist Olori Oba has unveiled her latest masterpiece, "Muni Muni," a soul-stirring anthem that pays homage to the divine power of God. Penned, composed, and performed by Olori Oba herself, "Muni Muni" is a captivating ode to the might and glory of the Almighty.

Drawing inspiration from the depths of worship and guided by the Holy Spirit, "Muni Muni" transcends mere music to become a profound spiritual experience. Through its uplifting lyrics and stirring melodies, the song invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey of faith and reverence.

In "Muni Muni," Olori Oba's powerful vocals intertwine seamlessly with heartfelt lyrics, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of praise and adoration. As the song unfolds, it unveils the ineffable wonders of God's unmatched power, instilling a sense of awe and reverence in all who lend their ears to its message.

"We are thrilled to present 'Muni Muni' to the world," says Olori Oba. "This song is a testament to the boundless love and power of God, and it is our hope that it will touch the hearts and souls of all who hear it."

With its profound spiritual resonance and uplifting message, "Muni Muni" promises to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for listeners of all backgrounds. Whether in moments of reflection or times of celebration, this transcendent anthem serves as a reminder of the divine presence that guides and sustains us all.

"Muni Muni" is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Olori Oba – Muni Muni Lyrics

Yagbo yaju Okunrin ogun;
(Mighty man of battle)
L’Olorun ti mo gbojule:
(Is the God I depend on)
Oba ti ki leni ko to muni:
(The king that arrests without struggle)
Oba tin muni tenikeni olemu:
(The unarrrestable kin)
Ajipojo ikuda loba to bimi lomo:
(The ultimate changer is my father)
Oba to le pani ni tenikeni ole pa:
(The unkillable king)
Apata to shorokolu bi ogiri gbigbe:
(The unattackable rock)
Oun lo le koluni ti eni Keni ti olekolu:
(The unhittable hitter)
Gbani gbani lojo ogunle:
(Savour in the day of battle)
Gbani gbani ti aye n saya:
(The saviour that everyone runs to)
Gbani gbani lojo gbogbo:
(The Saviour everyday)
Agbani ma gbani timi:
(Ever ready to save)

(Un arrestable)
Beni Kosepa:
(Yes, he’s unkillable)
(He’s unhittable)
Gbani gbani Ayeraye:
(Everlasting Saviour)

Muni muni ti ko se mu;
(The arrester that cannot be arrested)
.Panipani ti ko sepa:
(The killer that is unkillable)
Akolu ni ti o se kolu:
(The hitter that cannot be hit)
Gbanigbani ma gbani ti ni:
(The saviour that’s ever ready to save)

Omomi koto momi:
(You knew me before you formed me)
Oyan mi kato bi mi:
(You chose me before I was born)
Emi to do l’aworan ara re:
(You created me in your own image)
Iba re ni ma fi gbogbo aye mi ju:
(I’ll Worship you all my life)


Ayeraye eh eh eh eh ayeraye:
(Everlasting God)
Ayeraye eh eh eh eh ayeraye:
(Everlasting God)
Obi ti lo pin:
(King without end)
Oba ti ko le pin:
(The king that has no end)
(Everlasting God.)


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