BegetMusic - Iyin Mi

Nigerian gospel musician, Begetmusic, has once again captured hearts with his latest release, "Iyin Mi," a soulful expression of gratitude and praise. This beautifully crafted song marks another milestone in Begetmusic's musical journey, showcasing his unwavering devotion to God and his extraordinary talent.

"Iyin Mi," which translates to "My Praise" in Yoruba, is more than just a song; it's a heartfelt ode to the countless blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty. Through poignant lyrics and uplifting melodies, Begetmusic invites listeners on a spiritual journey of reflection and appreciation.

In his own words, Begetmusic shares, "I feel privileged and excited to share my thoughts about my new and latest release 'Iyin Mi.' It is a reflection of my gratitude to God for all that He has done for me, my family, and everyone I hold dear."

Born and raised in Nigeria, Begetmusic's musical journey began at an early age, singing in church and school choirs. Over the years, he honed his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter. Today, he stands as a shining example of dedication and passion in the music industry.

"Iyin Mi" is more than just a song; it's a testament to Begetmusic's unwavering commitment to his craft and his mission to uplift and inspire through music. With its universal message of gratitude and praise, "Iyin Mi" is poised to touch the lives of listeners around the world.

Begetmusic's latest single, "Iyin Mi," is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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