Sean Rodriguez - The Unbelievable

Emerging artist Sean Rodriguez, formerly known as Sean BE, is set to embark on a fresh season of music and ministry, following his standout performances during last year's 40-city Winter Jam tour. Under his new moniker, Sean Rodriguez pays homage to his family's faith heritage, setting the stage for the release of two highly anticipated singles as a WieRok Entertainment recording artist.

The decision to adopt the name Sean Rodriguez is a profound tribute to Rodriguez's grandfather, Pastor Rodriguez, who founded an inner-city church in Denver four decades ago. The church has served as a beacon of light to the community, providing spiritual and physical guidance to those in need. Rodriguez expresses deep gratitude for his grandfather's commitment and obedience to God, attributing his own journey and faith to the legacy passed down through generations.

Reflecting on the significance of his new moniker, Rodriguez shares, "Bearing the Rodriguez name symbolizes my thankfulness for all he's done for me, and all he's done for God. It is my honor to carry on the ministry calling God began in my grandfather many years ago."

Kicking off this new era is "The Unbelievable," a worshipful pop anthem co-penned by Rodriguez, Will Strotz, and Sidewalk Prophets' Daniel Macal. Produced by Daniel Macal, the soaring track celebrates God's transformative power and is now available on streaming platforms.

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