Estera Bretan - Sufficient For Today

Rising contemporary Christian artist Estera Bretan has released her latest single, "Sufficient For Today," a soul-soothing anthem that resonates with a message of trust, faith, and the enduring nature of divine grace. The song, written and performed by Estera Bretan, reflects her unique ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with an inspiring melody, creating an immersive worship experience for listeners.

"Sufficient For Today" is a poignant exploration of faith in the face of life's challenges. Estera Bretan's lyrics convey a profound sense of trust in God's provision, emphasizing that His favor, mercy, and grace are more than enough to navigate the storms of life. The song's uplifting message serves as a reminder that, regardless of circumstances, there is sufficient grace for each day.

In the chorus, Bretan declares, "Hallelujah, Is sufficient for today," encapsulating the central theme of the song—finding solace and strength in the present moment.

Estera Bretan, emerging as a powerful voice in the Christian music scene, shared her inspiration for the song: "I wrote 'Sufficient For Today' as a personal declaration of faith and a reminder to myself and others that God's grace is always enough. In every trial and every joy, His mercy is sufficient for today."

"Sufficient For Today" is now available on all major streaming platforms,

Estera Bretan - Sufficient For Today Lyrics
Verse 1
There will be storms
That won’t move out of my way
And trials will come to only test my faith
What I’ve learned about Your favor
Your mercy and Your grace
They go on forever and they’re sufficient for today
Hallelujah (3x)
Is sufficient for today
Verse 2
When I’m worried about tomorrow
I won’t be overwhelmed
The burdens that I’ve carried
I will choose to lay them down
What I’ve learned about your favor
Your mercy and Your grace
They go on forever and they’re sufficient for today
Verse 3
In the joy and in the sorrow
I find you just the same
Behind my darkest mornings
There’s a peace I can’t explain
I’m so grateful for your favor
Your mercy and your grace
They go on forever and they’re sufficient for today
Verse 4
One day I’ll finally see you
And my faith will be my sight
All my present sufferings
Will be fine and left behind
I’ll be standing in your favor
Your mercy and your grace
They’ll go on forever
They still go on forever
All glory to your name

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