Seun Hara - Oluwosan

Seun Hara stands out as one of Nigeria's talented and dynamic Worship Music Ministers, renowned for his prolific songwriting and exceptional singing abilities. He has blessed audiences with gospel singles such as "Oluwosan," "I Believe," "You Will Speak," and more. Seun Hara specializes in delivering worship experiences in his native language, creating ministrations that touch the hearts of people and lead them to a profound spiritual connection with God.

Notably, Seun Hara is a dedicated soul winner through his music, as his songs bring the tangible presence of God to his listeners. He serves as the visionary leader of the Growing Gospel media house known as "INTIMATE WORSHIPPERS," which has gained prominence across various social media platforms. This channel keeps many individuals closely connected to the divine by providing daily access to enriching gospel content, following in the footsteps of other influential Gospel Platforms.

Seun Hara holds a degree in Mass Communication from Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic in Ijebu Igbo and currently resides in Ibadan. His deep love for God and profound understanding of the significance of intensive and intimate worship to God set him apart in the realm of gospel music.

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