Ebi Oginni - Start With Me

Ebi Oginni, a contemporary Gospel singer, has unleashed a potent prayer-filled song titled "Start With Me."

This song serves as a heartfelt prayer for the church and a powerful declaration over the nations, emphasizing God's guidance in living the authentic lives He has called us to lead. It boldly proclaims that we should embrace a life of power and authority as ordained by Him, and it begins with us individually. As you listen, it is my hope that this prayer becomes your own.

Ebi Oginni shares, "This song felt like a divine revelation, as if it flowed directly from the Holy Spirit. I genuinely believe that as we earnestly pray this prayer for ourselves and our nations, we will witness the hand of God at work."

Let "Start With Me" be your anthem of spiritual empowerment and a call to action, as we collectively seek to live out God's purpose in our lives and in the world.

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