Brad & Rebekah – Kick Death

Brad & Rebekah, the celebrated musical duo renowned for their heartfelt and spiritually charged compositions, have released their latest single, "Kick Death." This powerful anthem serves as a profound reminder of the authority that Christ has bestowed upon believers, triumphing over the ultimate enemy—death.

"Kick Death" is a testament to the enduring message of Christ's victory over death and the enemy. With lyrics that resonate deeply with the soul and melodies that inspire faith, Brad & Rebekah's latest release offers a poignant expression of the authority and power granted to those who believe.

The song's title, "Kick Death," encapsulates the essence of the track as it echoes the triumphant declaration that believers have the authority to conquer death through their faith in Christ. Brad & Rebekah's passionate delivery and the song's stirring composition combine to create an atmosphere of unwavering conviction and victory.

Brad & Rebekah share their inspiration behind "Kick Death," stating, "This song is a proclamation of our faith in Christ's authority over death and the enemy. It serves as a reminder that, as believers, we hold the power to overcome even the greatest adversary—death itself."

As believers across the world continue to face various challenges and uncertainties, "Kick Death" offers a message of hope, empowerment, and unwavering faith. It serves as a powerful reminder that, in Christ, believers possess the authority to overcome every obstacle and emerge victorious.

"Kick Death" is now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms. "

Brad & Rebekah – Kick Death Lyrics

[Verse 1] 
Our God is undefeatableEven death He overcame with ease
His life and blood are unstoppable
No one can stand against our King

He gave us a royal inheritance
The keys of the kingdom
His highest authority

So kick death out your realm
Out of your house
Out of your fields and fences
Come alive in Jesus name
Step out into the light
Out of the dark
Taking the land of promise
Come alive in Jesus name
Run out of that grave

[Verse 2] 
The light of Christ shines over you
The power of darkness has to flee
Cause our God is with us in the fight
His final word is victory
We have the victory

He’s taking back our freedom
And driving out the lies
He’s given us all authority

He’s over every battle
And every enemy
He’s given us all authority

He’s casting out the darkness
And raising up the dead
He’s given us all authority

So lift your voice in freedom
Believing all He said
Cause He’s given us all authority
Yes He’s given us all authority

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