Ebi Oginni - When Desperation Meets Faith

Ebi Oginni, a talented musical artist, is delighted to announce the release of her second single, "When Desperation Meets Faith," as part of her newest three-part project. This compelling song delves into the story of a woman who suffered from a debilitating bleeding condition for 12 long years, exhausting all her financial resources on medical treatments. Driven by desperation, she cast aside caution, defied convention, and pressed through a bustling crowd to reach the Healer.

Ebi Oginni shares her heartfelt intentions behind the song, stating, "My prayer is that this song reminds you that the Master should be our first port of call and not the last. It's my hope that it ignites a fire of faith within you, rekindling your belief in the supernatural, in a God who is not only able but also willing to meet us precisely where our needs lie."

"When Desperation Meets Faith" serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of turning to the Master, Jesus Christ, as the primary source of hope and healing in our lives. The song's message resonates with listeners, encouraging them to nurture unwavering faith in a God who is both capable and eager to address their deepest needs.

Ebi Oginni's newest project promises to inspire and uplift the spirits of all who listen. With "When Desperation Meets Faith," she continues to share her profound faith and musical talents with the world.

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