JayBest - Jesu (Jesu Worship Medley)

Renowned Nigerian gospel singer, Oni John Ayomide, widely known as Jaybest, has once again mesmerized audiences with his latest masterpiece, "JESU." This worship medley emanates from a place of true salvation, with the heartfelt intention of bringing souls closer to God.

In the profound words of Jaybest, he emphasizes the significance of placing complete trust in Christ, relying on His sacrificial suffering, and being cautious of seeking justification through any means other than His righteousness. He firmly believes that faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is more than sufficient for salvation.

The captivating "JESU" medley is now available on all major social media platforms. We invite you to download, listen, and share this divine creation with your loved ones. Allow the harmonious melodies and heartfelt lyrics to resonate deep within your soul, drawing you into a closer and more intimate connection with God.

Jaybest's musical talents and unwavering devotion shine through in every note of "JESU." The profound message and soul-stirring melodies are a testament to his deep-rooted faith and desire to inspire others on their spiritual journeys. Through this medley, Jaybest hopes to touch the hearts of listeners, leading them towards a path of salvation and renewed devotion to the Almighty.

As you immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of "JESU," may you experience the transformative power of worship and find solace in the presence of God. Together, let us spread the message of this remarkable medley, sharing the love and grace of Christ with the world.

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