Diamen – My Good

David Silver, widely known as Diamen, is a multi-talented songwriter, producer, and mix engineer hailing from Abuja, Nigeria. With his recent conversion to the faith, he finds inspiration in expressing his newfound beliefs and the profound impact they have had on his life. Through his latest release, "My Good," Diamen beautifully captures the essence of his journey as a believer, showcasing how everything finally falls into place.

"My Good" seamlessly blends Diamen's signature afrobeat sound with a captivating message of transformation. The vibrant rhythms and infectious groove serve as the backdrop for his lyrics, allowing the listener to be immersed in an enjoyable musical experience while connecting with the deeper meaning within the song. Diamen's heartfelt vocals bring to life the joy and fulfillment he has discovered as a result of his faith.

Reflecting on his musical evolution, Diamen shares, "I am thrilled to share 'My Good' with the world. This song represents my personal journey as a believer and how my life has been transformed. It combines the irresistible afrobeat sound that has always influenced my music with a powerful message of faith and fulfillment. My hope is that this song resonates with listeners and brings them a sense of joy and reassurance."

"My Good" is now available for streaming on various platforms.

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