Tope Alabi - Ise Owo Re

"Igbagbo Eda" is a gospel album by Nigerian singer and songwriter Tope Alabi. It was released in 2021.

"Igbagbo Eda" is a Yoruba phrase that means "The faithfulness of God." The album is a declaration of trust and confidence in God's faithfulness, even in difficult times. Tope Alabi sings about the unchanging nature of God and how His promises are always true. She encourages listeners to put their faith in God, knowing that He is always with them and will never forsake them.

Overall, the album is a powerful and uplifting song that reminds listeners of God's faithfulness and encourages them to trust in Him no matter what they may be going through.

Ise Owo Re is a song from the album. 

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