Draylin Young ft Brooke Ashely - Jesus

Draylin Young, the rising gospel artist, has released his latest single "Jesus," featuring Brooke Ashely. The song is now available on all major streaming platforms, and it promises to become a hit among gospel music fans worldwide.

"Jesus" is an uplifting and inspiring song that showcases Draylin's remarkable talent as a songwriter and performer. The track features a powerful gospel choir and stunning vocal performances by both Draylin and Brooke Ashely, making it a true masterpiece of modern gospel music.

Draylin Young, who is known for his soulful voice and his ability to connect with his audience, believes that "Jesus" is a message of hope and a reminder that faith can get us through even the toughest times. He said, "I wanted to create a song that would uplift people and remind them that they're not alone. Jesus is always with us, and with His help, we can overcome any obstacle."

Brooke Ashely, who has collaborated with Draylin on several occasions, added, "It was an honor to work with Draylin on this project. His passion for gospel music is contagious, and his commitment to spreading a positive message through his music is truly inspiring."

"Jesus" is just the latest addition to Draylin's impressive catalog of gospel music. He has been praised for his unique style, which blends traditional gospel with contemporary elements, and for his ability to create music that speaks to people from all walks of life.

Listeners can expect to hear more from Draylin in the coming months, as he continues to work on new music and connect with fans around the world.

To listen to "Jesus" by Draylin Young featuring Brooke Ashely, visit your favorite streaming platform today.

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