Cris Kester's Hello Cris Album Review

Nigerian gospel rapper, Cris Kester is out with a 12-song album tagged Hello Cris. The album was released in September 2022. 

We take the time to review each song on the album. 

Walk with us.

Cris Kester - Dear Friends

Cris Kester started this journey with Dear Friends, a quick lecture on friendship. The introduction says it all:

Some truly believe that friendships are there to make us better, they are there for enjoyment, engagement, fellowship, communion, correction, and communication. So, one person sharpens the character of another

As you listen to this song, as it cut through your spine, the question it will leave in your heart is: "Do I take time to pray for my friends?" 

Click Here to Listen to Dear Friends by Cris Kester


Cris Kester ft Kashmyrrh - Kyte

The love of God is one of the underrated blessings we have. The consistent nature of the love of God and the peace that comes with it is the subject of this song-tagged Kyte. The song features a talented rapper, Kashmyrrh

Click Here to Listen to Kyte by Cris Kester

Cris Kester ft Collage - I Won't Play God

"I can't judge a man because heaven is not a law school..." 

Listening to this song, you will start retracing your steps. At different points in your life, you might have tried to play the role of God, knowing or unknowing, we all are guilty of this act. Cris leaves a gentle note to remind you and I that we can never play the role of God. The song features Collage

Click Here to Listen to I Won't Play God by Cris Kester

Cris Kester ft Rocksking - Me

Cris and Rocksking made magic when they recorded Me. The song is deep and rich in words of meaning and depth. It is a song that instructs your flesh and helps you overcome the past and addictions. Great song.

Click Here to Listen to Me by Cris Kester

Cris Kester - Every August

Cris said he has been avoiding this song for a while, he mentioned August 14 as a date he always wants to close the curtain of love. I guess this is personal.

Click Here to Listen to Every August by Cris Kester

Cris Kester ft Leo Owan - Fire Flies

"Less of myself, more of you God" is a prayer we've said passionately over and over again, it is a race most of us run on a daily, but, we often forget this race as the pace gets intense. Fire Flies is a song that will remind you to speak less of yourself, and speak more of the King of Kings. The song features Leo Owan. 

Click Here to Listen to Fire Flies by Cris Kester

Cris Kester - Wonderland

With Wonderland, Cris Kester makes listeners dance while the lyrics remind your heart of all the wonders God had done. And, if He did it before, it is a confirmation that He can do it over and over again. 

Click Here to Listen to Wonderland

Cris Kester ft Castor Bridge

Let's talk about love.

I would have been surprised if Cris didn't include a love song in this album. I mean, if you are blessed with the ability to creatively put words together to entertain, it is only natural to put words together to delight the person you love. Right? 

With Ankara Girl, Cris and Castor Bridge tease the girl "wey dey for corner" wearing an Ankara print how much love is available for two.

Click Here to Listen to Ankara Girl by Cris Kester

Cris Kester - Las Las

Personally, I love this song.

A relatable song for everyone irrespective of your level or current life experience. About the song, Cris said:

"With everything we go through in life, all we need to do is pray, work hard, trust God, be ourselves, live right and remember, that Las Las every one of us is going to be alright indeed".

Click Here to Listen to Las Las by Cris Kester

Cris Kester - Hope and Shadows

When things look difficult when it gets hard, who do you trust?

Trusting God, and letting it all go is the best approach to solving any form of pain and hopelessness. This is the message of the song, Hope and Shadows.

Click Here to Listen to Hope and Shadows by Cris Kester

Cris Kester - Like 1945

As the title suggested, this is historical, a story, a beautiful story of all the beautiful things God has been doing in your life. Let this song reminds you daily, the need to say it everywhere that God has been faithful. Great song.

Click Here to Listen to Like 1945 by Cris Kester

Cris Kester - Beauty and More

Your beauty and lots more show better when you shine your light when you come back when you raise your head when you fall down. We know this is true because God has promised us better days. Beauty and More reminds you of these promises.

Click Here to Listen to Beauty and More

Cris Kester - Tears of Many Blessings

Every morning I have tears of many blessings, I see the sun rising for me every morning. This is my story, this is the testimony that comes from this song. Great work!

Click Here to Listen to Tears of Many Blessings

Cris Kester - Fresh

"Everything go fresh for me" - this is a song of positive confessions. As you listen, you declare.

Click Here to Listen to Listen to Fresh

Cris Kester - So Free

"Troubles dey under my feet oh" - for those who desire a stress-free life, this is your anthem. Happiness for us is a family affair. If you want to be a part of this family, join Cris and Jo- E- Musik as they declare total freedom in God.

All the songs are available on all streaming platforms. 

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