Mr Tudex - Blood Tested

Fast rising Nigerian gospel musician, songwriter, and rapper, Victor Tudex (is popularly known as Mr Tudex) express a lot deep from his heart in  his new song titled "Blood Tested." 

"Blood Tested" introduces Christians as the chosen Generation, men who have checked all the boxes, justified. People are emancipated by the precious blood of Christ. It also stresses how we can use this blood as a weapon to wage war against Satan. 

Mr Tudex - Blood Tested Lyrics

My heart bleeds when I look at my bros on the streets. 

Desperately trying to belong, 

trying to fit into fraternities, 

and the thing with the creed is once you submit, 

you can never quit, See. 

E don tey wey we dey pray, 

ai! for the hood, 

for the streets, for the area. 

Make Papa God lap men our way wey go stand, 

wey go build, wey go show us the way, but.

Men wey suppose to be the pillar for the unit, 

men  wey suppose to stand gidigba for city gate. 

Manchis wey suppose to never looseguard 

na the same men wey the devil don turn puppets. 

My heart bleeds when I look at my bros on the streets, 

I wish say na lie but the Intel legit. 

Still on still, I see the potential beneath all the frakas, 

my hood has greatness in it. 


We're the chosen generation (shey you dey Komprison?)

Royal priesthood, Holy nation (shey you dey Komprison?)

Set apart to show His glory (shey you dey Komprison?)

Set apart to show His glory (shey you dey Kappa?)

We've been initiated in the Kingdom realm of God. 

We've been emancipated by the precious blood of Christ. 

In this fraternity, e no be vanity. 

Everything set, everything ready oh. 

We have a high priest oh, 

who went into the Holy of Holies with His own blood oh. 

And He don pay oh, 

once and for all so we go tell the devil make him disembark oh. 

For this brotherhood, 

na the blood of Jesus and Him flesh na im we go just dey wack oh. 

The highest sacrifice na the blood of Jesus 

wey dey speak pass any other kind of blood oh. 

Living in this world, from another world, 

living by the word, children of the Lord, 

yes I am His blood. 

And yes, I am His ward, 

yes I'm rest assured that I am the son of the living God, 

yes I am His love. 

I'm blood tested

I'm already tested 

I'm already tested oh 

I'm already tested, 

I'm already tested. 

I'm already tested, 

I carry the seed of Jehovah within me, 

I'm already tested. 

I got all the host of the Kingdom behind me, 

I'm already tested. 

I got the blood that speaketh better things than any other blood. 

So it's bloody, bloody, bloody oh yeah. 

Bloody, I'm already tested 

bloody oh yeah, I'm blood tested 

it's bloody, bloody. 


  1. The baddest hardest guy on J-town right about now and becoming global at the speed of light.

    Mr Tudex is the next thing to happen after Tim Godfrey. When it happens and on no time too. You will all remember Da Lucid said so.

    I know this guy, we Don farm together , we Don rapp together and crack brains together concerning this kingdom. The guy is a young man and an elder in the love of God

  2. Great song! The rhythm is awesome. The lyrics just on point, written by someone who understands the finished work of christ.;His redemption for us. Congrats bro. Greater heights in Jesus name.

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