Keep Going - Best Motivational Speech 2022 by Steve Harvey, TD Jakes & Joel Osteen (Audio)

I started my year with this motivational audio. A compilation of Bishop TD Jakes, Steve Harvey and Joel Osten

Steve Harvey
When someone closes the door in your face
All you have to remember
Is when God allows them to close the door in your face.
All God wants you to do
Is walk up the Haul
There are some more doors,
You just got to walk up the haul
Because I can promise you
He got a better door
He wants you to go through
Than the one that got shut in your face.

That's a fact 
But what happened to people is
They stand there beating on the door
Open it back up.

We're going to do a write-in campaign.
Why are you leaving me.
I got to have my job.
What about my benefits?
Hey stop 
The door is closed for a reason.

TD Jakes
I'm going to curse 
The door on you going back
You will never 
Be able to get back 
To who you were 
Who used to help you
Will not help you
The people who used to be there
Wouldn't be there.

I'm going to shut the door 
On you going back to being
Who you were
And you go have to grow up
And go forward
Because I have shut the door on going back.

I don't know who I'm preaching to
But I'm talking to somebody

When you,
When God really has interest in you,
He will shut the door on going back.

He will close the red sea 
So you can't miss Egypt 
And go back for the onions
And end up with the handcuffs.

We remember the onions of Egypt.
We forgot we were slaves.
You remember the good things about him,
But you forgot the hell he took you though
And God says I'm going to shut the door.

Oh God,
I got to stop and take a minute
Forget about you
Because when I start thinking 
About Shut doors,
I have to praise him
For all the doors that
He shut in my life.

Thank you for the friends
That rejected me.

Thank you for the people
That said no
Thank you for the people
Who walked out of my life.
If I had stop there,
I would have missed my destiny.
But every time you wanted to shut a door
It was because you had something better for me.

If you understand what I'm saying.
Give God a praise right now.

Steve Harvey
Please open it back up.
Help me and my family.
Stop! go up the haul man.

These people are closed doors in your face
They ain't the only door
They ain't the only door 
God is the creator of all doors, man.

I'm just going to see 
what else he got for me

Joel Osteen
We've all had times 
where something didn't work out
We didn't get the promotion
The load didn't go through
A relationship didn't make it 

We did our best 
We prayed 
We believed
But the door didn't open
And the scripture says
God open doors,
That no man can shut
And he shuts doors 
That no man can open.

Here's the key 
God is your doorkeeper
People can't keep you from your purpose.
Obstacles can't stop 
What God has ordained for you.
You may feel like
You're behind a closed door 

In your health.
You can't seem to get well
In your career
You're working hard
But not getting ahead
In a relationship things keep falling through
Stay encouraged
Those closed doors are not permanent

The enemy doesn't control your doors
People don't control your doors
Fear, Addiction, Depression
They don't control your doors
Now believe you're about to see some doors
That have been closed for a long time
Suddenly open.
You can't explain it
You didn't see it coming, 
But suddenly, your health improves.
Suddenly, you meet the right person.
Suddenly your career takes off
What happened 
The doorkeeper stepped in
Get ready for some open doors.

Now people may have closed the door
Tried to keep her from her promotion
See how you were raised
May heaven shut the door

You feel like you're at a disadvantage
Forces of darkness may have locked the door
Tried to keep you from your healing
From your freedom
It's been that way a long time 
Feels like the door is not only shut
But it's locked dead-bolted
You need to get your fire back
Closed doors can't stop you
Lock doors cannot keep you 
From your destiny

May seem like 
The door has closed on your dreams
You'll never get into college
Never meet the right person
Never have that baby

Every circumstances says
It's too late
That door is locked
It's never going to open
You need to get ready
God is about to show out
In your life

One touch of his favor
One good break
One contract
One healing 
Meeting one right person
Will catapult you
To a new level

What I love is 
Even when we lock the door,
Even when we let fear, 
Cause us to shrink back
God says that's no problem for me
Fear can't keep me out
Depression can't stop what I have for you
Limited thinking can't hold me back

God overrides 
Every negative force
You may have locked the door
But it's the right time
God is going to come though the door
He's not going to let you miss your destiny

When I came back from college,
I worked behind the scenes here at Lakewood
Doing the television production,
I thought that's what 
I would do the rest of my life,
I liked being in the background,
Unnaturally more quiet and reserved,
But many times my father
Tried to get me up to speak
He'd say Joel you'd be a great Pastor
Why don't you speak for me sometime
I didn't want to get up
In front of people.
I was afraid and intimidated
I'm not only shut the door
I made sure
It was dead-bolted
Put a couple of chains on it for 17 years
I made sure
That door was securely locked.

But when my father
Went to be with the Lord
God didn't knock on the door
To see if I would open it
He didn't ask me for permission
He didn't check to see
If it was unlocked
Even though
I was still afraid
I felt a strength
A courage
A bonus

Didn't make sense to my mind
How could I step up to speak?
I didn't have the training
The Experience
Thoughts told me it would never work out
But down in my spirit
I felt this boldness
Saying I am strong in the Lord
If God had waited for me to open the door
He'd still be waiting

God is so good
Even when we close the door,
Even when we think of all the reasons
Why it's not going to work out
Why we can't step up
And lead the department
Why we can't get well at the right time
God's going to come through that door 
And thrust you into your destiny.

Like me,
You may have locked some doors
Because of fear
You feel unqualified 
Like you don't have the training
The experience 
Or because of the mistakes you've made
Things havent's worked out
Now you've gone years
With that door locked
Thinking it could never happen 
Know your time is coming

God wouldn't have given you that opportunity
If you were not well able
The fear may not totally go away
But you're going to feel a boldness rising up
That's the most high God
Breathing in your direction

He's about to take you 
Where you can't go on your own
Those doors you locked
Didn't stop your destiny
God is not going to let fear
Hold you back
He's not going to let negative words 
People have spoken over you
To keep you locked in

He's not going to let 
How you were raised
What you didn't get
To keep you from becoming
Who you were created to be

Don't be surprised
When doors open for you
That you tried to keep shot
I didn't think I could do this
But God saw something in me
That I couldn't see 
God sees potential in you
He sees seeds of greatness
That you may not be able to see in yourself

He's going to present you
With opportunities 
That seem way over your head
Don't shrink back
You are well able
He's going to bring divine connections
Across your path
You thought you would always be single
You've already shut that door
Convince yourself you'll never meet anyone
God is going to come through the door
That you closed 
And bring someone better
Than you've ever dreamed

I think about 
How many times I've closed the door,
I didn't think something
Would work out and 
God came through my doubt
Through my fear
Through what I though was impossible

You may think you're too old
To accomplish your dream
Can I tell you
It's on the way
You think it's too late 
To start your business
It's on the way

You think you'll never live
In that nice house 
Last time you tried
It didn't work out
It's on the way

You don't think 
You'll ever get well,
You've learned 
To live with the sickness,
The good news is 
Healing is headed your way.

You may have closed the door,
But God doesn't
Hold that against you,
He's about to come through the door
And do something better
Than you've ever imagined

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