Banzo - Crown

Banzo is a lover of God Almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, he believes that to prove your love for God, you have to obey Him and if He asks you to praise Him, you have to praise Him, that blind obedience and absolute trust in the direction of God, drove him to the studio, to start recording songs that were strictly inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

According to him 'the Holy Spirit takes over the whole process, from delivering the songs to recording and beyond', thereby making him have several unique and extra-ordinarily outstanding Gospel Songs to glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus. 

The song Crown is the second song he recorded, it actually relates to his person, being the child of a top-notch politician and philanthropist from Rivers State, Nigeria, however, he says 'it's God and not a man that gave him the crown on his head because it's a Spiritual thing', the song also lays emphasis on following the standards set by King David, when he praised and danced to God regardless of his position as King of Israel and so the song relates to every person and is a very powerful tool if you want to praise God.

Banzo is the CEO of Banzoco and other companies, he has professional engagements that cut across business, ministry, politics and humanitarian affairs.

He believes that as a person, most especially a young Nigerian, you must involve God in everything you do.

Banzo - Crown Lyrics

When I go down on my knees and pray, 
I dey thank Jehovah say I wear the Crown o!
See I wear the Crown oh!
When I start to they fast and pray, 
Enemies dey come dey vex say I wear the Crown O! 
See I wear the Crown O! Oh.

I go do my David dance, 
For the things God do for me, 
I go sing Him praise all Day, 
I go sing Him praise all night o!
Do my David dance with the sacrifice of the praise, 
I go praise you every day 
I praise you every night o!

I am that I am
The beginning and the end,
I am that I am,
That's who you are,
You are God 
And you will never share your glory with any man,
You are faithful and 
I know that you will never ever fail me,

Oh nobody can, can do what you can do 
Cause you are the I am that I am,
Lion of Judah, 
When your children call You, 
You start to they separate the red see, 
start To separate the red sea o!

Repeat Chorus


  1. Wow Such A Great Upbeat Song Of Praise Totally Awesome And Am Absolutely Sure That Almighty God Jesus And All Of His Host Of Angel's Are Enjoying This Song Right Now Because This Music Is A Pure Awareness Of Who We Are In Christ Jesus With This Soul Lifting Song Betcha 2022 Is A Win Already God Bless You My Great Leader His Excellency Mr Banzo Truly The Hand Of God Is On You Oshey

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