From early on, Melissa knew she was gifted to sing melodiously. However, it wasn’t until after she gave her heart to the Lord and was filled with His Spirit that she was clearly made aware of her assignment in the earth – to not only sing but to do so until His Glory filled the atmosphere.

Since that great day of reckoning, God has opened many doors for her to show forth the wonders of His name. She has been blessed to be a featured vocalist on several albums with Gospel music’s finest such as Pastor Hezekiah Walker, Lance Williams & True Worship and the Potter’s House of Denver Choir. Melissa also travels with JJ Hairston & Youthful praise where she has been a featured vocalist on 4 of their albums as well. God has graced Melissa to share the Gospel through songs on great television platforms such as Praise the Lord -TBN, Bobby Jones Gospel, the Word Network, and the Stellar Awards.

In 2018, God placed in Melissa’s heart to create a place for individuals who wanted to know more about capturing the tangible presence of God. From there, the Chabod Institute was birthed. The Chabod Institute is an anointed learning environment for intense, hands-on training in the area of praise and worship.

When she is not travelling the country or on foreign soil declaring the message of God’s love through song or fiery preaching, she can be found serving as the Worship Leader at her home church – Bethel Church of Love & Praise, CKMI(Bloomfield, NJ) where she is completely submitted to the great leadership of Presiding Prelate, Bishop Charles W. Harris, Jr. & Executive Pastor Janet H. Harris. Although many people play a role in the success of her ministry, Melissa is never apt to forget that faithfulness to her church and the leaders that God has placed in her life flows in parallel to the blessings of God upon her ministry.
Melissa, who is happily married to Joseph Bethea II, and a joyful mother to her miracle child, Jade, strive to live in a way that is pleasing to Christ Jesus. The ultimate goal is to simply know and love Jesus intimately – FOREVER!

I know you've been hurting
Storm clouds and rain has come your way
But thanks be to God, who causes us to triumph
Our strength and refuge anchor of our soul
No weapon formed against you shall prosper
Know that you can do all things through Christ
Rest and be sure, you're coming out on top
The victory is yours, the victory is yours, yeah, yeah, yeah

God still sits (God still sits)
On the throne (And can't nobody move him)
And he still has (I know he has)
The final say (He's got the final say)
In spite of all (In spite of it all)
God is able (He is more than able)
You're coming out, coming out (Hey, yes you are)
You're coming out

You're coming out strong (Thank you, Jesus)
(It ain't over, you're comin' out) You'rе coming out strong (Comin' out strong)
(I believe that you'rе comin' out) You're coming out strong (Comin' out strong)
(I got a witness in my spirit) You're coming out strong (That you're comin' out strong)
(Oh, don't you worry) You're coming out strong (And don't be dismayed)
(God has heard your prayers) You're coming out strong (And he's comin' to save the day)
(And you're comin' out) You're coming out strong (And you believe it)
(And you believe it) You're coming out strong (Comin' out strong)
Hold on (Hold on to your promise)
And it will (It will come to pass)
(Hang on in there) Hold on to your promise (Just a little while longer)
(I'm a living witness that it will, it will) It will come to pass (And all it will come to power, hey)
(You'll survive the heartache) Hold on to your promise (You'll survive the diagnosis)
(And all you will survive the disappointment) It will come to pass (God is bringing it to pass)
(So pray on) Hold on to your promise (Put a praise on your lens)
(God is turning it around for you, God is turning it around for you) It will come to pass

In spite of all, God is able
You're coming out, you're coming out (You're coming out strong)