Ebi Oginni - Believe Again

Ebi Oginni, a Nigerian-born Irish doctor and an emerging independent singer/songwriter currently based in Derby, England has released a new single “Believe Again”

Ebi Oginni - Believe Again Lyrics

Verse 1
Oh my weary soul 
Tired of striving for 
things still out of reach
I remember all the things 
that You promised
But right here and now
I’m struggling to wait

I wanna dream again
I wanna trust in your promises 
Don’t wanna hold back 
my faith in you
Open my eyes to see
What you start you always finish
Oh I wanna choose 
to believe again 

Verse 2
Be Still my longing heart
For the many dreams
that you are yet to see
Help me Lord to wait 
patiently for you
and when it’s time
to step out in faith


No eyes have seen
No ears have heard
No mind can know
What you’ve planned for me
But its good

So I’m gonna dream again
I will trust in your promises 
I won’t hold back my faith in you 
Open my eyes to see
What you start you always finish 
Oh I’m gonna choose 
to believe again

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