Gospel musician, RICHLIN releases a new song titled King on the Inside.

RICHLIN - King on the Inside Lyrics

How easy it is to forget

That there is a power and light district

Inside of you Inside of me

Waiting for us now just to believe

That we are sons and daughters

That we are more than paupers

Free from the voices of the scoffer

Therefore the time has come

We stand as champions

There's a king on the inside

Pull back your shoulders walk a little bolder

There's a force that you can't hide

Shake all the doubt now you're called to stand out

Greater is He in you and me than every insecure lie

It's time for you to rise and shine

There's a king on the inside

As He is so are you

Some say it's pride

But lift up your head and don't apologize

Cuz humility is to agree with what He says about you and me

Go 'head and let Him out

Let Him out