Marq Johnson releases a new single, “One Dei”. The word “Dei” is pronounced the same as the word “Day” and is Latin for “God” or “of God”. This single celebrates a lifestyle of living only for the one, true, living God.

In summer of 2014, at the end of Marq’s very first studio recording session with his first band, the 12:32 Band, the producer turned to the band leader and concluded that Marq was not a lead singer and recommended that he should be replaced immediately and assigned only to keyboards instead. He went on further to explain that “Lead vocalists are born, not made”.

Marq Johnson was squeezed but not crushed as he soon after enrolled with 2 vocal coaches with whom he trained twice per week. Even when resources were scarce, he decided that forward was the only direction because he believed in the image he had in his mind from teenage years, of him standing on a large music festival stage in front of a mic in a straight stand, holding a guitar and singing to an international audience of tens of thousands.

Exactly 1 year after that pivotal studio session, Marq released his debut single in 3 countries. Another year passed then he released his debut self-titled EP, another single and received an international award. After another 12 months, Johnson won another international award and landed on an international chart. The Big Question is, “What if Marq had believed that producer?” He encourages particularly young people everywhere he goes, to relentlessly pursue discovery of God, discovery of self and discovery of purpose.

The world was introduced to Marq Johnson’s music in August 2015 when his debut single “Pulse Get Weak” was released in Cayman, Trinidad and Jamaica. In May 2016, he soft released his self-titled debut EP record compiling two (2) new singles, “Nah Sell Out” and “Rise Of A Resolute” with the debut single in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In October 2016, he dropped another single, “God Yuh Good”, in Cayman, Trinidad, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

His biggest release to date, “Imago Dei”, the dancehall/Hispanic title track for his second annual Kingston school tour, hit the airwaves in January 2018 and he earned the track title as his nickname in the streets; “New Jerusalem” was released soon after. “Nicky”, Marq’s very first love song, written about and dedicated to his wife, Nicole, was soft launched on her birthday in January 2019 and another single, “One Dei”, released in August the same year.

In February 2021, Marq saw it fitting to celebrate Black History month and Reggae Month with the release of another single, “Black Beauty”, as a salute to his sisters across the world who are of African decent; the music video, his very first, premiered the following month.