Dominic Ajogbei - Bleeding

Dominic Ajogbei is a fast-rising poet who calls Lagos, Nigeria and London home. Following the success of his previously released poetry series “Grieving Happiness”, and “The Mo-u-rning After”, Dominic has now veered into spoken word and performed poetry with “Bleeding” as his Debut.

Dominic is quickly becoming a force to reckon with, his unique writing style expresses a plethora of emotions weaving them like tapestry in a way that compels and moves his audience.

About the poem

This  poem speaks upon suicide, the unending dark tunnel that is the pain those left behind have to go through because they never saw it coming. This poem is about grief, friendship and ultimately about the legacy that is LOVE.


  1. Thanksgiving to all believers companion.It is true that life is just but a journey,and to keep moving we have to master our steps.

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