Brenda Daniels - Elohim

Brenda Daniels debuted with a new single titled Elohim. The song, Elohim was birthed in the place of worship. The song extols the deity and supremacy of God.  God is an unending being with limitless power. He is God no matter the circumstance and situation. And believers must acknowledge that fact every day of their lives.  

Produced and mastered by the versatile Kemzy Kem.  Brenda is a prolific songwriter and a worshipper. She believes that praise is the easiest way to God and as such Christians should praise when they can’t pray as miracles and healings take place when we praise. She seeks to draw men into the world of godly worship through uplifting songs. She is from Akwa Ibom State.

Brenda Daniels - Elohim Lyrics

Elohim, you deserve the glory
Elohim, you’re the never-ending story
Elohim, you will live forever, so says the word
Elohim, power, light surround you
Elohim, who can stand against you (no one)
Elohim, you are God forever, and we know, so we say Amen.

Lord of mercy
Rain down blessing
Show your power, we bow before you
Raise your banner
You deserve the glory
Elohim, you alone are God.

[Verse 2]
Jehovah, strong and mighty tower
Jehovah, providing all our needs (yes you do)
Jehovah, great are your works
So we see and we say Amen
Jehovah, strongest man in battle
Jehovah, you sent your son to die for us
Jehovah, you are God forever
So we fear you and we love you, Amen


You are God, (you are God)
You are God (You are God)
You are God (You are God)
Elohim, you alone are God
You are God
You are God
You are God
Elohim, you alone are God

Lord of mercy
Rain down blessing
Show your power
Now and forever
You are God.



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