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Dayo Folaji is a Nigerian poet and a songwriter. He has written a lot of poems, and spoken words. He is a member of the Family Friends Poetry Forum, an international poetry website where he emerged as the First Nigerian FFP Poet Laureate.

He writes to affect and touch lives positively. His article of faith so far is "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"

Here is a brief summary of what he talked about in his spoken word titled "Much Better"

"Did you know that you are the best thing that ever happened in creation? That you're of inestimable value more than everything else?

See, you are God's masterpiece of unquantifiable worth, the cynosure of all eyes. If little lilies could be arrayed in [the] garment so bright, how much more you?

You may not look like it now, but deep within you're much better. And you must believe it until you live it.

So, look beyond the dark clouds; reach for the silver lining. Tunnels' darkness is always followed by floodlights.

Come bask in the waiting open arms of the Father. You're of much more value to Him than sparrows. If your wings are broken, He will mend them, and you will fly again.
Be inspired".

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