Understanding Self-Worth With Temitope Opetumo

According to Merriam Webster's dictionary, Self worth is a feeling that you're a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.

But I feel it goes way beyond a "feeling". It's a conviction, a belief that you should be respected. But sadly, not everyone around you would agree with you on that and that's partly because of their view of you.

Newsflash: just because you see yourself worthy don't mean everyone would too. Maybe a good amount of people would but not everyone and that's okay.

Self worthiness don't really equate to you being qualified or certified or entitled to certain things. 

It's more of a internal thing than it is an external. Because the external won't always agree with you but being absolutely convicted within yourself on how worthy you are, it drives you to push further. It fuels you.

People's self worthiness comes from alot of things. It can be spiritual, financial, social, academical, background, outward appearance, skill/talent, etc. 

As much as self worthiness is concerned, it can be negative too. 


Well, if anything other than spiritual convicts you of your worthiness, that is, of your worthiness is based on the physical, it's only temporary because the financial can disappear, the academical can disappoint, the background can be yanked off, or one might even be deprived of social worthiness. 

But such that comes from the spiritual, the untainted word for God is unshaken.

If ones self worthiness is drawn from the spiritual(God's word), the physical won't bother us. 

The spiritual tells you, you are priceless. Physical tell you there's always a price. The spiritual says you're qualified, the physical says you've got to be certified....and so on.

Self worthiness is seeing and knowing that you are more than enough. It's knowing you have to do better for yourself and not anyone. It's believing you need better even if you don't deserve it. 

Your self worthiness isn't quantifiable by your degree or what not. 

Sadly, in this world, one has to prove they are worthy for a job, type of education or contract (which is how it works) but if you let that define you..... Most of us isn't probably worthy. 

I mean if we have to define our worthiness by our grades, or how good our relationships are, or how perfect or imperfect our job is, we mostly likely aren't worthy.

Basically, self worthiness doesn't come from without but from within.

Knowing within, that you're beautifully and wonderfully made, knowing the King died just for you, knowing you are unrelentlessly unconditionally loved and so on is enough fuel to prove and convince you of how worthy you are.

One's understandsing of one's worth helps one to have better relationships, choose better career paths, and friends even.

It tells you when that relationship isn't meant for you anymore, it helps you to know how to talk, to make better decisions. That is why having a healthy and positive conviction of one's self worth is paramount to one's well being and affairs. 

Self worth let's you know not to settle for anything less than you deserve, not because you're perfect but because you're worthy, definitely not of your work but of who you really are.

To know your self worth is to know how much God loves you. If we're to say why he loves us, there's absolutely no reason lol. He can't help himself. 

But knowing exactly how He loves you would let you understand how worthy of nothing less of that sorta love you deserve.

You won't allow other people's negative view of you define your worth. True, no one is perfect and there's room for improvement and better character, et cetera.

2 Corinthians 12:9, "And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficeint for you, foe my strength is made perfect in weakness' Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me" (NKJV). This passage isn't a pass card to boast in one's weaknesses but rather a call, saying His strenght is made available for you to do better and be better.

God loves you silly!!!.
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