True Reflection - Temitope Opetumo

Many times, people say to us “you are what God’s word says you are”. Over time, it’s become cliché so much so we are not even sure what His word says.

It seems farfetched, more like reaching out to the air, can’t seem to get a hold of it.

Here’s the problem, you forget what He says, you don’t tell yourself often. You’ve allowed what others say (which you hear often) to stick.

Just like James 1:23-24 says, 

23 Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror 24 and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.

You've got to always go back to His word, just like you go back to the mirror to ensure your make up is still intact or to check if your T-shirt is well tucked in. Just as the mirror reflects what you like like, so does the word of God. 

In case you’ve forgotten, this is how God sees you ; 

You are a heavenly citizen. You are His best friend. You are the Heir to His Throne. You are engraved in His palm. You are His everlasting love. You are His fearful and wonderful creation. You have the mind of Christ. You give Him sleepless nights. You are His finest ruby. You are His co-worker. You are the sheep of His pasture. You are His love in human form. You are His delight. You are His favorite song. You are the apple of His eyes. You are more than enough for Him. Your thought fills His heart every second of every day. You are His treasured possession. You are worth His life. You are His redeemed. You are HIs vessel unto honor. You are His beloved. You are His treasured gift. You are His work of art, His Magnum Opus.

This is the highest truth there is.

Accepting and understanding these truths will make all the difference in your life. When satan or anyone tries to put lies into your head, beat them over the head with the truth of God.

Consistency plays a vital role here, write it out if you need to, repeat it to yourself as often as you can or want to until it resonates in your heart.

You are too valuable to believe otherwise, too precious. You aren't what the world paints you to be, it's either it's a blatant lie or they have over underestimated you.

Go back to the mirror (God's word) as often as you can. 

- Selah.

God loves you silly.
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